Monday, March 12, 2012

Canvas Create

I am having the best time with the Canvas Create series with Donna Downey! Working on canvas is awesome. I had canvases and had created some mixed media pieces mainly like decoupage. Painting and mixed media is more rewarding for me. I think I feel like a "real" artist painting on canvas.LOL. I did two for January. Mainly, I did two because I was afraid to write on the first on so whipped up a smaller one to practice on. It turned out my flower was way better on the second one. I liked the way the word goes up the side on my "practice" canvas. But I like the background on the first attempt, better. I know I will use these techniques and create more similar to this.
The February project used modeling paste. Never used this before, but you can do such neat stuff with it besides just make a textured background. I am really glad I committed to this series of lessons. It gives me a focus each month so that I have no excuses not to create.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Full Worm Moon

Over at Jamie Ridler's Studio, Jamie hosts full moon dreamboards every month. This month is the Full Worm Moon. It asks: What dreams are emerging...what is stirring? Every month it seems some sort of timepiece makes it way into my dreamboard. It isn't that I don't have time to do things, or take care of me, or accomplish what I want or need to do. It is more of making really good use of my time so it doesn't slip away and leave me feeling like I lost the opportunity of the time I have. This month,my board is reflecting what is stirring from within me as spring approaches. The desire to get into the best shape I can, the desire to eat delicious healthy foods, take the time to go kayaking and be in nature, and enjoy our yard and deck. What is stirring especially is the anxiousness to see Maine, again. Plans are emerging for a visit there this summer. Yippee!