Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Full Snow Moon

Over at Jamie Ridler’s Studio it is Dreamboard time! This month is the Full Snow Moon. Per Jamie, The Full Snow Moon asks: “What desires lie deep within?”
My ongoing desires are to bring more harmony into my life and the lives of those around me (mood swings of menopause has inspired this desire!). I also want to feel contentment and serenity in my surroundings and make our home a place we want to hang out in. My biggest selfish desire is to someday live on the shore of some kind of water…lake, river, OCEAN! It would be magic to me. For now, traveling to water is the plan for summer. Most of all, I desire to remember to celebrate living and life’s simple pleasures. There are some health issues with a close family member. I want to celebrate each good, living moment with them instead of thinking of what may eventually come. In order to gather these desires and turn them into a daily reality, I need to remember to take the time to be present, plan, and make space for these desires to happen.