Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Round Robin Journal

I finished up the page in Serena's journal and sent it on its way to the next artist. It was fun putting the page all together. On the paper in the lower left corner, I have the words "art is a key to the window of the soul" repeated. Be sure to check out the other participant's websites. They are listed in an earlier post. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. that is a very beautiful page, susie! i am sure that serena will be thrilled with it!! crystal raindrop wishes to you...

  2. Hey Susie.. very nice page.. love the flow of it. beautiful.. Can't wait to see it close up and in person! Looks like you had fun :-)

  3. Love the heart all wrapped, and i see your love for feathers and very wise quotes, your very own personal touch.
    thank you very much for sharing this with us

  4. Very pretty
    Isn't this fun?

  5. I love this, Susie! It's just beautiful. I'm so excited about getting my very own journal packed with all of this luscious artwork at the end!