Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Blue Moon Dreamboard

My December Dreamboard represents things I want to invite into my life, things that are already planned, and things I am wishing for in 2010. My daughter is getting married in June. She is a great planner so things are going smoothly as we journey toward the event. I want to savor and enjoy all of the preparations and the day of the wedding. So far we have had loads of fun going to wedding shows, trying on dresses, etc. I am wishing that my husband's and my plans to visit Alaska come true. His job is trying to get in the way and he is a workaholic, but I am persevering with plans and an optimistic outlook:). I want to invite more of a healthy lifestyle into my everyday life in 2010. Healthy eating, more consistent yoga practice, exercise, and balance. I want to transform some things and really enjoy life each day. I want to treat myself with starting journaling. I have been inspired by several participants in AEDM. I hope I don't discourage myself with negative thinking about how mine won't be as wonderful as other peoples and just remember it is for me. Hiking and kayaking are two of my favorite things to do because you do them outside. I want to take the time to do these things. That is what the clocks represent. Taking time to do the things that are important to me, taking the time to care for others, taking the time to be healthy and to savor and enjoy all the things that make up my life.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday

What Do You Wish For This Holiday Season?
That is the question from Jamie Ridler for this Wednesday's Wishcasting. For myself, I wish the weather cooperates so we are able to be with our children! I also wish for this to be a time of renewal. I wish for this season and beyond, for everyone...tolerance. If we could all be more tolerant of thoughts and people that differ from us, I think the world would be a safer and happier place.
I wish for all of you that your wishes come true, and you have a blessed holiday season and New Year.

Monday, December 21, 2009

"Book" Box

I was blog hopping several weeks ago and saw a paper mache' box using a picture and thought what a great idea for the kids of the family. We had school pictures of everyone, and who doesn't love a keepsake box for those special treasures?! This is one of eight I did over the past week. We had one of our Christmases this past Saturday and some of the adults wanted their own box, too! The kids really liked them, and I had tucked a little present in each one. Of course, I have no idea where I saw this originally. I just read a blog that said they were going to link back to where they saw the ideas they tried. I think I need to also keep track of where I have been so I can share where I got great ideas. The box is from Michael's. I also used boxes from Hobby Lobby. It was hard finding eight in good shape. Hinges, key, key hole are Tim Holtz's grunge paper, buttons were from a bag I got at Archivers. I gessoed and then water colored the book and then did some stamps with distress inks and sanded the edges to distress it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December's Full Cold Moon Dreamboard

This is my first time participating in the Full Moon DreamBoard practice from Jamie Ridler's Studio. When Jamie mentioned that she kept hers where she could see it during the month, I thought that was a great idea so I made one for December. I am learning more about how living with intention is inviting so many good things into my life. My DreamBoard is about how I want to make more time for special just us time for my husband and me. We are together a lot, but I really want some of that time to focus on the "us". I also want to feel cozy this month with myself and family. I want to slow down and not feel like every moment has to have a plan. I started decorating the last day of November and am doing a little more each day instead of frantically trying to get everything done in one day. Replenishing myself in all ways is what I hope for so the New Year begins with me in balance and remembering through everything how important my spirituality is to me. I posted my Dreamboard as my last day of creating for AEDM. There are some close up pictures of sections of the DreamBoard on my November 30 posting.