Monday, November 9, 2009

AEDM Day 9

Am I done? I am not sure, but I think so. I finished up with journaling today, finished painting some on the edges and curled corners, made the title and like the looks of the book. I never like blank spaces, so if in the future I find the items for the two largest blank spaces I can always add them in. I would like to find just an outline of a dragon that I could use. I like the way the color of the book looks against the wall on the white shelf. I am ready to work on something different for a while. I have found that I get really impatient to have a project done when I am not following a specific plan. I need to chill a little, I think, and learn to allow ideas to flow instead of trying to
force them.


  1. I like the color of the background and the curled page effect. Very nice!

  2. Ohhh, wow. You gave me a whole new idea for some art pieces from this one... WOW! I love when that happens. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

    I also am finding I like to work on several art projects at once... I have small items that I work into larger items and then, other times, I complete something all in one day.

    I am loving all of it. Or most of it, anyway... lol.

    (Oh, and just in case... its me, again - Julie-the-one-blogspot-abhors!)

  3. wow it looks work fast...once that creative spark gets going...i have nver done an altered book

  4. I like it! I bought a couple of books to alter, but I haven't done anything with them yet. It's hard to make the first mark! I've always been a book lover and consider books almost sacred, so painting on them or tearing out pages just feels wrong - haha. But they are waiting when I'm ready or feeling inspired.