Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AEDM-Day 4

It is now day 4 of AEDM. I am noticing that I think about what I will work on next, constantly. It is fun to have creative thoughts right there all the time! I have a new laptop and decided to make a bag and sleeve for it. I already had the black southwest looking material and found a nice contrast material for the lining and sleeve. I added a pocket inside for pens, pencils and a small journal. I made up the simple pattern myself, but it is typical of many such bags. I am very pleased with it and know it will work great for me when I go out and about with my laptop.


  1. I so need one of these! How great that you made up your own pattern--super smart!

  2. This is awesome!! What a great way to use up lengths of material lying in drawers and cupboards!