Monday, November 30, 2009

AEDM Day 30

For my last entry for AEDM, I am posting my dreamboard. I have not made a dreamboard before, but have been following them at Jamie Riddler's Studio. At the first of November I decided I would make one for the December 2nd full moon. It is the full cold moon, or as I read in the almanac it is also called the long nights moon. I don't like the long nights, but I thought if I looked at it as more cozy time I might not dislike the long darkness as much. I started looking for pictures and words that called to me about December. I love the holidays! This December I want to make sure I slow down and make special time for me and my sweetie (my husband) and myself. This December I want to take time to replenish myself instead of drain myself. I love this time of year, but sometimes tend to go overboard with the "stuff". I want time to sit, relax, rejoice. Today I will start my rejoicing by decorating! All of the pretty lights, scenes, and scents of the season make my heart smile.

It has truly been a joy to participate in AEDM!


  1. Hi Susie, Thanks for the reminder of putting together a dreamboard. I love that you wrote that you want to make special time for you and your husband. I'd like to do that too. Thanks, Leah

  2. I love your dreamboard, Susie, and i appreciate your comment on my blog about photographing my artwork before letting it go. Your words about enjoying the holidays ring true with me, and it's nice to be reminded of it!

  3. What a beautiful dreamboard Susie, and I can feel it represents so much too.

  4. Thanks, Susie, for all you visits and comments on my blog. It has been a great art month. I love your dream board; it's amazing that you have a bathtub there :-) .. what is it about long soaks in water?? lol Hope your dreams do come true.
    All the best
    the GyPsY (fadwa)

  5. Thanks for sharing the dreamboard. I started to post mine this month just ran out of time. I had a friend show me a cool one that looks like a storybook. I'll poast it this week if you want to come back by my blog. Congratulation on finishing art every day! I hope you find your joy and contentment for holiday.

  6. Yes, thank you for the reminder to do a dreamboard! I'll be making mine this week too. Congrats on making your first one! I hope that all you dreams come true.

    And thank you for joining in Art Every Day Month this year. It was so great to connect and create with you, Susie! xo

  7. Cool dreamboard! It for sure looks cozy---especially those purple slippers and the great bathtub!

    I have noticed a whole bunch of dreamboards posted lately which made me dig one out I did a few years ago...and guess what? I still really like it! And perhaps I have moved a tiny bit in that direction in real life. Yay! Maybe I will post some pictures of it soon...

    Anyway, yours looks excellent and I hope your dreams come true!

  8. i am missing it so much :-(
    isn't it that funny?
    hugs Susie!