Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AEDM Day 3

OK, I have been struggling with what I consider creative and artistic. It is an inner struggle. So much of what I see in blogs or other places seem so wonderful and I wonder "why can't I do something like that?" It seems I think for something of mine to be considered artistic or creative it should be worthy of hanging in a famous museum which makes it impossible to feel really good about what I make. I can be happy with it, but it is hard to share because I hardly ever feel it is good enough. Years ago, I did not feel this way. I was pleased with what I did and wanted to show it off and give things I made as gifts. One of my cheerleaders has died, and I guess that is part of my problem. So to me, posting some of my things is risky. I am going through the the Joy Diet with Jamie Ridler, and one chapter was risk. You were to do something you found risky, each day. Posting on AEDM will be my risk everyday all month. My wish is that I stop worrying about what others think and get comfortable with what I think, again.

I worked on a Christmas card today. Not sure if I am finished or not. I am thinking it is lacking a little pizzaz. But I am out of time so will think on it. I am working on a snowman in Photoshop Elements to either add to the inside or switch around the outside layout and add him there. I don't like that Christmas doesn't look capitalized, but that is the way the rub on was, so that may change, also.

The other picture is from when I went and painted a swirl on my wall after reading SARK and she said go paint on a wall so I did take that risk (my husband about had a cow) and painted on my studio wall!


  1. Congrats on engaging with Risk. I feel perpetually "less than" the "cool artists" doing AEDM, but I know the more I show up, the cooler I become too, somehow it rubs off.

    LOL. Seriously, I just finished my fourth year at an all-women's art show here in Bakersfield. The first year I was so intimidated but they all embraced me and now I am seen by the newbies as one of the pioneers. It makes me laugh, makes me grateful.

    (Looking forward to knowing you through AEDM... and if Blogspot won't let me show my typepad identity.. sometimes it won't... here is my link to my post for today:


  2. I'm so sorry to hear you feel that way about posting your artwork! I used to feel and way and still do every once in a while but when I do I have to remind myself that I am creating my art for ME not for what others think.

    I find it helps with avoiding the dreaded "their stuff is better than mine" complex. I think everyone feels that way now and then about their own work. You'd be surprised too finding out how many others that are "accomplished" have the same problem.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss!!! Hugs! Be sure to let yourself ride out the grief.

    Yay for you for your swirl on the wall!!!! I worry too much about my husband's reaction to my decorating ideas and hold back even though I have a B.A. in INTERIOR DESIGN of all things. See, now your sharing may help me gain confidence and let go of fear myself!!!! THANK YOU!!!

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  4. GO!!! Good job painting on the wall!!! It's not like you knocked a hole in it-well, who cares if you do that??!!

  5. I used to feel the same way,still I hesitate when I post pieces.But I always get inspired from art I see ,so I hope I will do that for someone else.I love your swirl and card.

  6. Your card is wonderful! I think it is normal to get doubtful sometimes...because there are so many talented people in the world. But everyone contributes in their own special way - everyone is different - and no one can do what you do! Embrace individuality and you are right that you have to love what you do personally. Sorry for your loss...I hope AEDM can help you through your journey a bit! :P

  7. Don't you just love this challenge? It is helping me be more productive! I like the variety of things you've tried already. Ya, and toss the whole judgement piece out the window, OK?

  8. I know what you mean about putting your work out there for all to see. I think the blogging world is a bunch of kind souls (much like your dear cheerleader), and the AEDM challenge will help you through your doubt. I just shared with my blog readers two of the ugliest crocheted flowers you'd ever lay eyes on! It was kind of invigorating. I think your card looks great, and I bet your Photoshopped snowman would look great at the seam to the right. As for the swirl on the wall, my hubby would have a cow, too. It looks beautiful, and like the perfect home for a favorite quote. See how hubby takes to that!!