Thursday, November 26, 2009

AEDM Day 26

Happy Thanksgiving. Today will be a busy day for many. We are traveling to family across the state today ( celebrating for Thanksgiving and celebrating 3 birthdays), tomorrow 2 more hours to see more family, then Saturday 3 more hours for more family and Sunday heading 7 hours back home with a baby shower on the way. So I anticipate doodles/zentangles, photography, sketching as the posts for the next few days. Safe travels to everyone on the roads this weekend. I think I was dreaming of summer days as I sketched this.
I am so grateful to all the participants in AEDM and for Leah for arranging it. You all have been an inspiration to me through your sharing and through comments made.


  1. And YOU have been an inspiration to ME as well.

    I trust by the time you read this you will have enjoyed the heck out of all your family time!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Susie!
    I agree that AEDM has been a real gift and I am grateful for it, too!

  3. Great Sketches. AEDM has been wonderful, thank you for your part in it.