Friday, November 13, 2009

AEDM Day 13

Up until today, I have avoided paint projects for AEDM. I like playing around with paint, but it is scary to me to actually try doing a project with it . I came across a how to video on the Bluebirds Living in the Meadow blog that seemed not too threatening. It was called "Write, tape, scrape, stamp". You water color, then write in metallic pen (I wrote some affirmations), tape off stripes, use all sorts of paint and apply with a palette knife (I didn't have one so used a foam brush) and then take off the tape and stamp with your leftover paint. I am not completely happy with the final project because I wanted more of the second layer of paint, but as I was taping off the stripes, I guess I was thinking backwards and was planning on what I was taping to be covered up. Perhaps, I am too tired from 12 other days of AEDM! Anyhow, it was fun ,and I plan on using this as a background for a collage. The video was very good, and I plan on doing more and getting more pleased with my results. I have wanted to start an art I consider this my first step.


  1. I am so watching the video because i love what I see here in your creation.
    Yay for you being brave on trying a new technique!

  2. What a fabulous way to overcome your fear...fantastic and great job! I think when that fear creeps to you no matter the just have to get down and dirty - just do it!

  3. i know what you mean about not wanting to get the paints out. I work mostly in fabric, but occasionally use paint, too. I looked at the video. This is something I might try on fabric. I think yours came out great!

  4. Congrats -- this is FABU -- I love the streakys where you taped off. It looks so fun. Will be interesting to see where you with it for collage background. Am so inspired by AEDM this year! :)
    Thank you...

  5. I love this. It makes me want to stop and paint.
    I first thought it was fabric. How very fun.

  6. I like the story behind the art...if you hadn't said you were nervous about painting I would never have known. Your piece is great and so unique! I love that you wrote out affirmations...they will be a wonderful base to your collage.

  7. Yay! this is really fabulous, you look like a Pro!!!

  8. Really cool! I love art journaling, but don't do it enough. Teesha Moore recently made several videos which are on u-tube. Just google her name & be prepared to be inspired. ;)