Monday, November 30, 2009

AEDM Day 30

For my last entry for AEDM, I am posting my dreamboard. I have not made a dreamboard before, but have been following them at Jamie Riddler's Studio. At the first of November I decided I would make one for the December 2nd full moon. It is the full cold moon, or as I read in the almanac it is also called the long nights moon. I don't like the long nights, but I thought if I looked at it as more cozy time I might not dislike the long darkness as much. I started looking for pictures and words that called to me about December. I love the holidays! This December I want to make sure I slow down and make special time for me and my sweetie (my husband) and myself. This December I want to take time to replenish myself instead of drain myself. I love this time of year, but sometimes tend to go overboard with the "stuff". I want time to sit, relax, rejoice. Today I will start my rejoicing by decorating! All of the pretty lights, scenes, and scents of the season make my heart smile.

It has truly been a joy to participate in AEDM!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

AEDM Day 29

I had very little time since we are still traveling. But what may look like little to some means a lot to me, because I made time, however little, to do something artwise and it is important to me to actually make it through the whole month doing some art each day and posting. I sometimes have trouble with follow through so I am so excited that I am going to make it through the month (unless all connections to the Internet crashes)! I like the difference the color makes to the design I posted yesterday. I thought I had my watercolor pencils with me, but when I pulled them out they were just regular colored pencils and I didn't have time to finish coloring the whole thing, yet.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

AEDM Day 28

Still on the road, today, seeing more family. So another zentangle. I am really liking doing these and they are so portable. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, November 27, 2009

AEDM Day 27

My mom's birthday is tomorrow. We celebrated yesterday during the Thanksgiving celebration along with my children's birthday. I made this tag out of water color paper. I did a wash, then when almost dry stamped it using one of Tim Holtz's blue distress inks, glittered it and added the dragonfly and gems. It turned out very nice. Mom was pleased. We are off on more traveling and more family. Happy day!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

AEDM Day 26

Happy Thanksgiving. Today will be a busy day for many. We are traveling to family across the state today ( celebrating for Thanksgiving and celebrating 3 birthdays), tomorrow 2 more hours to see more family, then Saturday 3 more hours for more family and Sunday heading 7 hours back home with a baby shower on the way. So I anticipate doodles/zentangles, photography, sketching as the posts for the next few days. Safe travels to everyone on the roads this weekend. I think I was dreaming of summer days as I sketched this.
I am so grateful to all the participants in AEDM and for Leah for arranging it. You all have been an inspiration to me through your sharing and through comments made.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AEDM Day 25

Yesterday, I was listing a bunch of stuff I have tried and like to do. I really enjoy playing around with stained glass. My technique on soldering the foil needs lots of practice! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed working with glass. I was use to working with more forgiving materials. This is a fan light that I designed and made. The name comes from the shape and the small light behind it. I use to think they were something for ceiling fans when I would hear the name. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am thankful for all of you!

I had to share this goodie...a family at the school my husband works at made these little cookie turkeys. Chocolate sandwich cookies, peanut butter cups, malted mild ball, candy corn, and icing. It was in more pristine condition before the plastic baggie ride home. Very creative I thought.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

AEDM Day 24

I chuckle a little to myself as I post and look back over the month so far. I feel like I must have some kind of crafting attention disorder. Perhaps if I stuck to one thing, I might get really good at it. But what fun would that be :) I really like learning how to do different things. Over the past lots of years I have taken short workshops in applique, tin punching, throwing pots, tatting, oil paints, stained glass, scrapbooking, drawing (totally stressful)...I have tried simple jewelry making, I love counted cross-stitch, sewing, faux painting on my walls, small table fountain making, wood crafts and I have reupholstered a few pieces of furniture (I learned that from watching my grandparents). For my 40th birthday, my dad gave me a scroll saw. Trying all these things are so fun, and I am excited to have found new things to try while visiting other participants sites during AEDM. What kinds of things do you like to do besides what you have posted this month?

I have been working on and putting away this applique/quilt top for awhile. It is from the company Calico Station and is called "Winter Stew". I have gotten it back out and now I am ready to stitch the wording (Be Warm) and give details to the snowmen. Then stitch around everthing else. Maybe I will actually have it done for this Christmas!

Monday, November 23, 2009

AEDM Day 23

Very early in AEDM someone posted their art that was made by swirling or dragging a string dipped in India ink around on paper and then coloring/painting in the spaces made. I thought it looked interesting so a few days ago, I went and got some ink. I should have gotten some string, too (lol)! All I had at home was some twine which was too stiff and "hairy". I didn't know if I was suppose to drag or lay it in loops...neither worked. So I took the dropper that came with the ink and just dragged it around on a small piece of watercolor paper and then had fun using different colors of watercolor to fill it in. I could see scanning this and printing it out on card stock to make note cards. It was meditative for me, much like the zentangle/doodle was yesterday. I like getting friendly with the watercolors. It is much more fun to use them than just looking at them tubed and boxed up!

Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

AEDM Day 22

After seeing all of the wonderful doodles and zentangles, I just had to try one. I tried some actual zentangle patterns and some of my own ideas. I can see how it could be a meditative process. You get caught up in your designs and the repetitiveness. I kept wondering if I would run out of ink. I used a fine black Sharpie pen that is not supposed to bleed through paper and it didn't! It was fun to try something new. So many great and fun ideas have shown up during this month.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

AEDM Day 21

I can hardly believe there are so few days left in November! I was looking through the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and saw beautiful tags. I got my basic idea from that article. I found these great charms from Explorer and the fibers are from basic grey. I watercolored my background and stitched onto the tag, stamped with a paisley stamp from stampabilities, and went around the edges of everything with ranger distress ink (vintage photo). I made my text on photoshop elements and the paper under the text was a clipart from dover. Have a great weekend.

Friday, November 20, 2009

AEDM Day 20

There is this decaying barn in Memphis, MO, and I find it fascinating. I wonder about all the things it has been witness to through the years and why it has been left to the elements. It is sad and beautiful at the same time to me in its demise. I sketched this from a photo I took of it. Sketching is hard for me. I have trouble with the perspective, but I am continuing to work at it from time to time. Little indivual things aren't too hard but a "scene" is. I read a book not too long ago, "The Zen of Seeing: Seeing/Drawing as meditation by Franck, that basically said you needed to become what you were drawing. Really see what you were drawing. I am going to try that approach in the future. Like becoming one with the subject of the sketch.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

AEDM Day 19

Another rainy day here, I wish I were sitting on a beach somewhere. Another play with watercolors. It would be nice to be having a fire and a picnic just beyond the edge of this scence. The best thing about AEDM is seeing and reading so many inspirational works of creativity. The next best thing is becoming more comfortable with taking some risks. I am hoping to try a sketch for tomorrow. Thanks for coming by.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AEDM Day 18

After a deep cleansing breath, I have chosen not to let things get in the way of this magical month of creating. Today is a new risk for me. To actually draw and watercolor something and share for others to see seems very daunting to me. So, I started small with this mushroom and iris. Not claiming they are scientifically correct, only that they are my interpretation. Thanks for coming by to see.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AEDM Day 17

Well, I am back to Christmas cards. Thought I would try a red and green background with some yellow (I was thinking stars). Then sprinkle it with salt to give the effect of snowflakes. I ended up with a blizzard, but I learned to not use so much salt! I had the "joy" stamp and watercolored it and edged in gold pen. I put pop dots behind it to make it 3D. I also made noodles this morning to freeze for Thanksgiving. I do it the way my grandma taught me so it was fun to think of her as I worked. Is anyone else feeling like they barely have time to do something for AEDM with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming? Is your home becoming disheveled just at the time of year you want it to stay neat so you are ready to decorate for Christmas? I think I need the accountability of daily posting to make sure I do something and not slide back into seldom going into my creative area. I feel like the daily posting is creating a habit of creating daily, but I am starting to feel flustered. I do plan on pushing through, though. Just pressure from myself, not the challenge.

Monday, November 16, 2009

AEDM Day 16

Leah suggested we might want to do something small today. I decided to take my background I created a few days ago and scan it. I am not sure I want to commit anything permanently to it, yet. So I added some quotes after scanning that I think go along with Leah's message today about hanging in there (to paraphrase). I printed it out and have it hanging in my creative space. I do want to collage on the original, but I am searching for just the right images for what I want it to say to me. Happy creating! I also made peanut butter cookies and that was pretty creative for me, lol. They are for my grownup son's bday--his favorite. Thanks to everyone for the supportive comments as you visit my blog.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

AEDM Day 15

Today, I decided to work some on my paper sack heritage scrapbook. Since it is made from paper sacks there are pockets for journaling pages to be placed in when it is folded and put together. The pics are some older ones from both sides of the family and newer ones, too. I have included pics of only a few pages. The ribbons sticking out from the sides are attached to journaling pages in the pockets and some pages have little pockets on them for journaling or holding whatever. The edges of the bag are inked and there is quite a bit of sewing involved on the pages to put everthing together.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

AEDM Day 14

Today I tried out another project from the GreenCraft Summer 2009 magazine. This one is reusing a toilet paper roll. It is to be a gift card holder. The image is from Dover. I chalked the roll so it was a little softer in color. Cut the ends with pinking shears and sewed across the bottom. It was a fast project and turned out fine, I think.

Friday, November 13, 2009

AEDM Day 13

Up until today, I have avoided paint projects for AEDM. I like playing around with paint, but it is scary to me to actually try doing a project with it . I came across a how to video on the Bluebirds Living in the Meadow blog that seemed not too threatening. It was called "Write, tape, scrape, stamp". You water color, then write in metallic pen (I wrote some affirmations), tape off stripes, use all sorts of paint and apply with a palette knife (I didn't have one so used a foam brush) and then take off the tape and stamp with your leftover paint. I am not completely happy with the final project because I wanted more of the second layer of paint, but as I was taping off the stripes, I guess I was thinking backwards and was planning on what I was taping to be covered up. Perhaps, I am too tired from 12 other days of AEDM! Anyhow, it was fun ,and I plan on using this as a background for a collage. The video was very good, and I plan on doing more and getting more pleased with my results. I have wanted to start an art I consider this my first step.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

AEDM Day 12

I really like moose (and dragonflies), and I got a letter with this stamp of a moose on it one day. I tore it off and had it in a row boat shelf in the bathroom. Every once in a while, it would blow off into the sink. I have been afraid it would get ruined. I kept seeing soldered charms with various pictures in them and decided to frame my moose stamp that way to protect it and give it more substance. After I had cut the glass and foiled it, I decided not to solder. I think the copper look is better than silver or black for where I have it ,and I don't have much luck getting my solder to look coppery even with the correct chemical stuff. And besides, I can always solder later if I decide to.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

AEDM Day 11

I love Stevie Nick's music. This year for my birthday, my hubby took me to a Fleetwood Mac concert and it was fantastic. I really wanted a t-shirt, but did not want them as much as they cost!!! Outside, t-shirts were being sold for $10. Well, of course, I thought even though they aren't the official ones it would be fine. Not so...didn't fit right at all, back graphic was on to one side. So I never wore it. Yesterday, while cleaning out my closet and thinking to donate the t-shirt to a charity... the thought "pillow" popped into my mind. I had seen a pillow on one of the AEDM posts so that is probably why it popped into my thoughts so easily. So today, I cut up the shirt, stuffed a pillow form I had into it, and now I have a reminder of a wonderful time where I can see it all the time and not hidden away in a closet.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

AEDM Day 10

I make a bookmark for today. The idea was in GreenCraft magazine-Summer 2009. The "green" part of the bookmark is a used dryer sheet that was tea dyed for the front center panel. The other green part for me is that I used stuff I already had instead of buying anything new. The dryer sheet didn't seem to take the tea dye very well, but it did color a little. I used a charm instead of printing the word on canvas as suggested in the article. This was fast and fun, and I think I will do another one before long and use a more contrasting thread for the decorative stitching.

Monday, November 9, 2009

AEDM Day 9

Am I done? I am not sure, but I think so. I finished up with journaling today, finished painting some on the edges and curled corners, made the title and like the looks of the book. I never like blank spaces, so if in the future I find the items for the two largest blank spaces I can always add them in. I would like to find just an outline of a dragon that I could use. I like the way the color of the book looks against the wall on the white shelf. I am ready to work on something different for a while. I have found that I get really impatient to have a project done when I am not following a specific plan. I need to chill a little, I think, and learn to allow ideas to flow instead of trying to
force them.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

AEDM Day 8

Ok, I am progressing slowly due to beautiful weather and playtime during the weekend. I added some borders to the pictures, tried some journaling ( a little generic in looks), and a "highway". I am liking the overall look, but may redo the road and try more creative lettering elsewhere on the page. Still needs lot of work, but it is definitely a learning experience.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

AEDM Day 7

I am still working with my "altered book" project. I am playing with picture layouts today, and I like the color a lot better now that I have the pics temporarily placed on the page. I think I will try painting around them so they look more a part of the page. Just random brush strokes around the edges, maybe. My next step will be to journal incorporating the words already in the book. All of this is to commemorate the trip we took on the Harley this summer to the TN.NC border to ride the Tail of the Dragon! I am pretty pleased so far. With the weekend here and it being gorgeous here today I am heading outside and leaving this until later.

Friday, November 6, 2009

AEDM Day 6

Well...I decided to try out color on the pages this morning knowing I can always paint over it if I don't like it. I may end up with a lot of layers at this rate!!! I am walking away thinking it looks a bit like a poopy diaper color. I wanted a golden look with accents. Maybe I added too much or muddied it up too much. Any suggestions would be appreciated since I am knew to all this. I don't have much time today so will come back and see what I think, later. Didn't paint the edges until I am good with a color. I think I need to also pick the pictures to add to the page before I go any further. Busy weekend ahead, not sure if I will get to commit too much time to this project until Monday.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

AEDM Day 5

Today I started on my altered book project. It is my first attempt. It will be more of a wall decoration when I am done. At least, that is my plan. I saw in a magazine a wall display with all white objects and one looked like an open book that was all white. I decided to combine that idea with the altered book idea. I found an old book being given away at a local library and it had words I could pick out that related to a trip to North Carolina we took this summer so I gessoed around those words and will include them when I hand write some journaling in. Then I plan to add a couple of pics from our trip. I have gessoed everything and now have to decide if I want to paint it white or make a more colorful background. I don't want my pictures to get lost in a busy background. Maybe a golden color, don't know yet.